Ziad Takieddine, its contradictions, its secrets

The Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine.

It receives journalists armful in his magnificent mansion, close to the Trocadero, Paris. Sometimes Ziad Takieddine invites them to dinner, as he regaled, there is little the first circles Sarkozi. Before a seafood dish, he rails against, draws the "assholes", the "give a damn". He smiled, sometimes even today, his bank accounts are frozen by the courts, and that barely pay its employees.

A long time been confined in the shade of large arms contracts, the Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine, 61, was found projected from 2010, in full light, thanks to the many developments the case known Karachi which is the key figure. This sudden exposure succeeds him little. Indicted repeatedly cornered financially by his ex-wife who delivered his secrets to justice, he also lost a lot of credibility to force multiply contradictory statements.

> Read Case Karachi: if you missed an episode.

For the past two years, in the press or in the judge's chambers, he rages, shouts, threatens, accuses ... But strength to deny the evidence or report without proof, he eventually tired, magistrates as journalists desperate to sort fact from fiction in his assertions. A challenge, as yet shows his reaction after the publication by Mediapart, April 28, a note of December 10, 2006 attributed to a Libyan dignitary (who disputes have re.

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  • Yoni Palm indicted for the first murder of Essonne also
  • DSK affair: "If it was a conspiracy it would have been awkward" Juppe notes
  • DSK recovery thesis of a conspiracy against him
  • Serge Klarsfeld published a new edition of "Memorial of the Deportation of the Jews of France"
  • A drug over a week in Europe
  • Assaulted by UMP, a journalist Mediapart complaint
  • Victims and condemned calling for the repeal of the law on sexual harassment
  • Demonstration against Scientology "indoctrination of judges"
  • I Samia Maktouf, lawyer Ziad Takieddine, a woman of influence in Ben Ali
  • New reckoning murderer Marseille
  • More News ...


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