Yoni Palm indicted for the first murder of Essonne also

Yoni Palm was indicted for "murder" and imprisoned, Friday, April 27, in the case of serial murders of Essonne.

Yoni Palm, already indicted for the three most recent murders of four committed Essonne since November, was indicted for murder, Friday, April 27, for the first of these crimes also Has was learned from prosecutors Evry.

Arrested on April 14, Mr. Palm, 33, was placed in custody Wednesday in connection with the investigation for the first of four murders, that of Nathalie Davids committed 27 November 2011 in the parking lot of his building Juvisy-sur-Orge.


For this crime, Michel Courtois, the ex-boyfriend of the victim, has been detained since December in the prison of Fleury-Merogis. He had confessed to the facts at the end of his custody, before retracting.

It was therefore in custody during the three homicides lequels Yoni Palm was already indicted, those of Jean-Yves Bonnerue, 52 (February 22 in Juvisy-sur-Orge), Marcel Brunetto, 81 (17 March Ris) and Nadjia Boudjemia-Lahcene, 48 (April 5 Grigny).

The investigation determined that the same gun was used for four homicides, a semi-automatic pistol 7.65mm seized during the searches that followed the arrest of Yoni Palm.


No indication has been given on the motivations of the suspect in the four murders, between which no clear link has been established, apart from geographical proximity. Born in the Val-d'Oise, Yoni Palm has, according to his lawyer, "an extremely complex and fragile personality", with "a very chaotic history." According to the prosecution, he was sentenced to six times, including a sentence of eight months in prison in 2004 for aggravated abuse of his mother.

The police have found in a building occupied by the suspect Suzuki motorcycle blue and white box that had been the subject of a search and allowed the arrest of the young man. Another certainty, according to a source close to the investigation, Mr. Palm, who lived in the town of Draveil, near the crime scene, rented a room on the parking lot fell Ms. Davids and Mr. Bonnerue.


"For the first time, the judge finds that Mr. Courtois is not the only suspect in the murder of Ms. Davids," said the lawyer Michel Courtois, Mr. Yassine Bouzrou. "This had to have been formalized long time and I find it unacceptable that we have waited so long before making this indictment that seemed obvious. I hope this will accelerate the release of my client, "formally requested Tuesday, he added.

I Bouzrou had said Wednesday that his client went through confessions were "extracted" and denounced a "legal blindness." According to the lawyer, Michel Courtois, a 46 year old man considered disabled 50% "do not support his detention." In addition to his confession, the charges against Mr. Courtois rely on particular traces of powder, "but not compatible features," according to a judicial source, found on his clothes and backpack.

The lawyer for the family of Mrs. Davids, who was a civil party, repeated AFP Friday that it considered Mr. Courtois was "involved" in the murder of the young woman of 35 years. According Me Elisabeth Auerbacher, Mr. Courtois lived badly fracture with Mrs. Davids, he "harassed on the phone" and that he would have said he had a weapon.

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