"Who is Wilhelm? But what made him? "

Liliane Bettencourt two hearings before the guardianship court in 2011 and 2012, illuminate its relationship with Pascal Wilhelm.

While three of the protagonists of the Bettencourt case are in custody since Monday, June 11, hearings billionaire before the guardianship judge illuminate her relationship, especially with his former attorney, Mr. Pascal Wilhelm.

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Liliane Bettencourt was received twice by Stephanie Kass-Danno: July 11, 2011, in the presence of counsel for the billionaire, Jean-René Farthouat and February 1, 2012, after the judge had decided in its implementation guardianship and appointed his daughter, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers and her two grandchildren to look after his son heritage. Each time, the judge asked Ms. Bettencourt on investment of 143, 7 million made on his behalf by Mr. Wilhelm, in the company of Stéphane Courbit Lov Group Invest (LGI).


On July 11, the judge asks this: "You remember investing a large sum of money recently?" Liliane Bettencourt: "No, I do not have a large sum of money to invest ...

- The $ 143 million was invested in the company LGI. You remember?

- No, I do not know ... "

I Farthouat explains to Mrs. Bettencourt it is an investment that his former attorney has offered to perform and they discussed. "If it is that Pascal did, she said, this is serious and I have no concern." The judge further asked: "Do you know the president of the company LGI, called Stéphane Courbit?" MmeBettencourt: "It means nothing to me. The major responsibilities is Pascal.

- The activities of the LGI-you know?

- No.

- One of the activities focuses on online games, online poker, do you know what it is?

- What is online games? I do not know ... "

A few months earlier, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, the only daughter of L'Oreal heiress, was concerned about how the proxy Mrs Bettencourt's fortune. The relationship between mother and daughter seem so appalling.

"Your daughter wants me Wilhelm stops working for you as part of its mandate, the judge continued, because of investments that do not seem to him according to your interests and your distance. What do you say?

- She wanders! I do not agree ...

- Do you know Pascal Wilhelm long?

- Yes, yes. He has two boys. There is a very bright ...

- And Pascal Wilhelm?

- He talked about? It is very good!

- Do you know for a long time?

- Enough to know. "


Asked about the fees of the former agent - 200,000 euros a month - the billionaire is not shocked. "For me, it is someone who is extremely valuable. Everyone is paid to work for me. I do not give money like that. When I gave him money, he deserved it. "

She did not moved more additional compensation received by the law firm. "No, I do not remember. I do not live with the money. I'm not a cashier. If I understand correctly, it is an attack Françoise through you? "

February 1, 2012, the judge receives new Liliane Bettencourt. It is now under guardianship and comes accompanied by his little son, Jean-Victor, with whom she maintains a loving relationship and has been instructed by the judge to take care of her grandmother. Stephanie Kass-Danno the questions this time on his will. They have changed the previous month. Single family property The Arcouest, Brittany, is bequeathed to the family. Furniture and art collection Mrs Bettencourt are themselves for the state and the Pasteur Institute, named as sole heir. A sum of 10 million euros is allocated to Alain Thurin, the nurses of the octogenarian paid 18 000 euros per month, the court believed to have served as an intermediary and informant for Mr. Wilhelm and close.

"The will of August 2011 provides that your furniture and tables would return to the state, announced the judge before Liliane Bettencourt. What do you say? " "Well, that's weird ... I prefer to give them to anyone I want. Give the state has never been my project. That ever. I have so much joy to give to friends. How could I sign it?

- Mr. Wilhelm occurred during this operation ...

- Who is Wilhelm? But what made him? How could I do that? "

Judge suggests donations to the Pasteur Institute. The old lady obviously flabbergasted: "Who did this? It's amazing, it's amazing! Who told him to change it? I have not been aware, I am not aware. What has become of this guy? " A testamentary clause also provides for life insurance attributable to small-son of Mrs. Bettencourt, the funds will be frozen until they reach their forties. Meanwhile, the custody of the funds entrusted to me ... Wilhelm.

"Have you told the Pascal Wilhelm executor functions or money posthumous effect" asked the judge.

'This is a fabrication! It is to laugh, "replied Mrs. Bettencourt before adding, speaking Pascal Wilhelm:"! I'm not blessed. But normally you should not change things without my consent. This means we are dealing with dishonest people? I'll redo my will with me today. I want to recover the former. " Then she added: "Ultimately, it's pretty sad. I do not cry, but basically, it's sad. "

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