Violent brawl between Romanians in Paris

A dozen Romanians were arrested Sunday, June 10 after a violent scuffle on the edge of the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

The brawl broke out around 22 hours "between Romanian nationals from two camps, one in Paris and one in the Val-de-Marne," without fully knowing the reasons, explained one sources. Upon arrival on site, close to the A4 motorway, police find that two people were injured, one seriously.

According to preliminary information, a man, after receiving several blows during the fight, decided to flee on foot on the A4 motorway. He then tried unsuccessfully to seize a vehicle hurling out of the car a pregnant woman, the source said. Shocked, the woman was transported to a hospital in Paris. The man was arrested by police shortly after. All Romanians arrested were taken into custody, the source said.

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