Valls replaces the top three of the police hierarchy

The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, gendarmerie Mormant (Seine-et-Marne), the day he took office.

Three new, certainly, but not newcomers. Wednesday, May 30, three senior men were appointed to head the Prefecture of Police (CP), the General Directorate of the National Police (NPD) and the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI) in the Council of Ministers. These two prefects - Bernard Boucault the PP and Claude Baland to DGPN - and a police officer, Patrick Calvar, the DCRI. It is not a surprise: they were all three approached in case of return of the left to power. "I want to surround myself with experienced men whose qualifications are recognized by all", says Manuel Valls, the new interior minister.

The three men replace Michel Gaudin, Bernard and Frédéric Péchenard Squarcini, all close to the former president. A witch hunt, as denounced in advance, leaders of the UMP? "All have been received by the Minister length. These are men in place for ten years, very competent, but related in a personal way, even intimately for some, Nicolas Sarkozy, he defends in the entourage of the Minister. There are three strategic positions for the executive and the Minister of the Interior. The changes were necessary: ​​it was operational men working in absolute confidence with the Minister and his cabinet. "

Archive photos taken respectively on 30 September 2011 and 25 March 2009 Claude Baland, left, and Bernard Boucault right.

The only surprise, finally, came the departure of Michel Gaudin, called Place Beauvau Tuesday at 7: 30 pm, Mr. Valls, before moving to Madrid. It has been suggested that he leave office on Wednesday, but got a few days time. 'It's very brutal, compared to what is Michel Gaudin, a great servant of the state, "considered one of his relatives. The appointment of one of its employees as Deputy Chief of Staff Mr. Valls, Renaud Vedel was not enough to save him.

Gaudin is close to the former president - "I am indeed honored to be a friend of Nicolas Sarkozy," he declared in an interview with Le Monde, January 14, after the revelation of the affair IGS, the "police the police" Paris (read: "The officers of the IGS keep my support"). At age 63, after five years as head of the National Police (2002-2007) and five years in the police headquarters, he was preparing to retire in the summer of 2013. The new government was tempted to leave it in position. Moreover, it ensures Place Beauvau, the flagship reforms Gaudin had driven the establishment of an agglomeration and plan CCTV Paris police, will be maintained.

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But it must give way to Bernard Boucault, current director of the National School of Administration (ENA), yet also 63 years old. Hollande had given his promise to Mr. Boucault in which the position of chief of staff Jean-Marc Ayrault had already escaped. A "derivative" has been considered: the prefecture of Ile-de-France. But the job did not face weight prestigious police headquarters. "It's not shocking that Michel Gaudin go, says a close case. Especially since he had an amazing life. The trouble is that and why it is replaced. And there is less glorious. "

As Frederick Péchenard the NPD, and Bernard Squarcini, head of domestic intelligence, their fate was sealed by François Hollande, then candidate, May 4 "It is true that Nicolas Sarkozy has a real system in place. (...) Those who are associated with this system will necessarily give way to others. The system I am talking about is known is that which exists in the Ministry of the Interior, with two senior officials, who are the Director General of Police and the Director of Intelligence, one was indicted [in the case of fadettes World] ", claimed the future president.

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To replace Mr. Péchenard to NPD, the name of Claude Baland, 62, has quickly established itself. The prefect career was Director of Administration of the police between 2001 and 2004, has never made a ripple. This man "consensus" will be perfect to negotiate with the unions, the powerful interior ministry, said a senior officer of the police, however, feared that the maintenance of a "co-management" Place Beauvau: "It is not a strong man. " His appointment is a form of revenge for the body of the prefects, who, during the period Sarkozy, has been rocked by the brutal and the arrival of many commissioners movements. For close to the minister, "it is better prefects everywhere, this is the only way to appease the spirits." I must say that the bonus system results has severely strained relations between Commissioners on one side and the officers and peacekeepers on the other.

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At the DCRI, replacing Bernard Squarcini was more complex, with management suites Merah case, and the threat of terrorism, including Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. A "difficult" time, says one Place Beauvau. The choice was therefore focused on a police officer "who knows the house." Director of Intelligence at the Directorate General for External Security (DGSE) since 2010, Calvar Patrick, 56, has made much of his career in the Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DST against-espionage), where he held the positions of Deputy Director for the Arab-Muslim world. In 2008, during the creation of the DCRI, resulting from the merger between DST and general information, it becomes the new assistant boss Bernard Squarcini.

A proximity that does not disturb more than that a close minister. "There is a certain continuity, but it is a great loyalty" A promise will therefore not bound by François Hollande: the head of the DCRI is not granted to the prefect Nacer Meddah, secretary general of the presidential campaign, already absent from Elysian team. "His skill was non-existent, and it was too close to the president politically," said a source familiar with the matter. For Mr. Holland has reiterated on Tuesday during his speech on France 2: Runner "will be replaced not by close, intimate, obligate, but by senior quality."

The Head of State also assured that the movement "will stop there." It is a little advanced. Other changes may follow, however, especially in the area of ​​public safety, critical in the context of the return of a form of policing. And the age of the newcomers to the PP and DGPN, suggests new movements.

But the socialist government faces a problem, low pool of men, after ten years of opposition. "In the state apparatus there are 500 key positions in terms of skills and hundreds requiring the proximity of confidence. At this point it seems that the left in the absence of renewal does not have sufficient staff, "says criminologist Alain Bauer. "This is a first step, the Minister recognizes a close. Now we need to build a new generation of prefect and sub-prefects, find men and women, not necessarily left, but loyal. "

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