Two injured in the collapse of a bridge in Bayonne

Two of the five parts of the bridge, during welding, collapsed in the Adour, Saturday, May 5

Two workers of a Belgian construction company were seriously injured Saturday, May 5 at the collapse in the Adour two sections of several hundred tons each bridge railway construction in Bayonne. According to doctors, the two workers aged 26 and 36 years, whose life is not in danger, had both knees for a broken, a broken femur to the other.

They were injured in the unexplained fall in the river which crosses the city from two of the five parts of the book, currently at the weld, which was to replace the end of 2013 the bridge existing railway. The two employees of the Belgian company Victor Buyck Steel Construction were on shore at the time of the collapse, which occurred 20 to 17 h, at the end of the workday. They were hospitalized in Bayonne.


The two sections remained partially submerged in the river. Train traffic was stopped on the existing bridge would replace the new structure, located almost against it, because one of the aprons fell into the water dangerously leaning towards the old bridge. SNCF has implemented a bus transfer system, said the sub-prefect and rail traffic should not resume until Sunday best in the day. Operations security of the site by means of cables, were conducted in the evening.

A spokesman RFF (Réseau Ferré de France), the owner said it was too early to determine the practical consequences of the accident. "It is a diagnosis of what has gone before to say how the schedule will change," she has said. A workshop will be held at the scene Sunday.

The work, commissioned in 2006, was designed by the architectural firm Alain Spielmann, who is the project manager with the regional station. Bouygues is participating in the construction of a cost of 40 million euros, which began in 2010. The bridge must participate in the modernization of the rail link between Bordeaux and Spain. The current bridge was built in 1862.

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