Two French recount their journey alongside the skinning of Montreal

Image of Luka Rocco Magnotta in the Internet cafe where he was arrested on June 4

A spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor said on Tuesday 5 June, the alleged Canadian skinner will be presented Tuesday at a Berlin judge, who will confirm his detention and serve the charges against him. The extradition to Canada could take a few days.

In the morning, two French who say they traveled side of the suspect on a flight of Air Transat May 26, the day after his alleged crime, released their testimony on Europe 1. According to their statements, also playable on the blog of one of them, Luka Rocco Magnotta was "quite agitated during the flight, at one point he is clearly hiding his face." "At one point he was gone, I worried and hostess assured me [saying]: 'It is at the bottom, it's not going well.' Looking back, I saw he was crying [...] hiding the face. " He was "always in hiding, to get back," said one of the two witnesses.

It describes the Canadiens 29 years as "very tall, thin, androgynous, shoulder-length hair, a bit of a look of a pretty teen with dirty hand through his hair, he did not feel very good." "I touched his arm and thigh all the way down and it 'm disgusted [...], plus he did not feel good, maybe he had not washed since he had done it, it's a little disgusting, "still describes his neighbor on the plane.

Luka Rocco Magnotta is accused of premeditated murder and contempt corpse. He would have killed a Chinese student, Jun Lin, aged 32, on the night of May 24 to 25, before leaving for France the next day. Canadian media have dubbed "Canadian Psycho" because a video posted on the Internet, showing the murder of a man tied up, carried out with an ice pick, and the butchering of his body, is accompanied a song from the movie American Psycho. Pieces of bodies were mailed to Canadian political parties.

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