Twelve firefighters Paris brought before the courts for rape and violence

About 300 firefighters were fighting against the disaster that was said early afternoon.

The case of the alleged rape in the brigade firefighters Paris (BSPP) continues to stir. Friday, May 11th in the morning, twelve members of the prestigious team gymnastics BSPP, suspected of "rape and violence in a meeting" to two young people involved had to be brought before the courts of Paris after forty-eight hours of custody. The prosecutor should also prosecute "non-assistance to a person in danger."

The incident took place on May 6, the bus that brought the team to an exhibition in Colmar (Haut-Rhin). According to our information, the military blamed spoke in custody "a hazing gone wrong" in the "mood of the moment." While some acknowledged that they actively participated in the violence, they denied the rape sure it was a simulation.

The two alleged victims, aged 23 and 21 years, integrating the team knew that they should go through "the Bronx" and hazing, as it is "tradition", but the two young men could not imagine banged out the point of having a complaint. The first did, Tuesday, May 8, on charges of rape. The second, the next day, for acts of violence in the meeting.

"The Bronx" is the back of the bus that serves the movement of "gyms" of the BSPP. This is the territory's oldest team. They are ten, aged 20 to 30 years to lay down the law. According to a source close to the investigation, everyone knows that the team should "nothing" refuse, for fear of reprisals.

The younger of the two plaintiffs joined in autumn 2011 this elite training international reputation. It is the showcase and the pride of the BSPP. Spikes up perfectly straight, its members spend most of their time training at the rate of whistle head, developing impeccable group movements. They occur about sixty times a year in annual exhibitions prized.


The other complainant, 23, belongs to the team for two years. On tour, both are confined to the front of the car, like all new. Sunday May 6, while the team of thirty members, chaperoned by a sergeant and a corporal, regained Paris, the "Bronx" was hot. Each turn, the two young people had to sing, as usual, a bawdy song microphone.

Then summoned to the back of the bus, the youngest thought only do a bit rowdy. But the "Bronx" was stripped to give him a "spanking" home bites on the backside. In the melee, he also received blows to the face and back. Back to his place, he cried, pain and shame ... The second round then arrived. As he rebelled, the "spanking" was decorated with a painting on the Tiger Balm, a particularly abrasive paste. He gritted his teeth, swallowed her tears and tried to take his misfortune patiently until Paris. It was counting without the festive mood of the "Bronx" has continued to chambering. "Fuck you fuck!" He has finally launched the small band mad.

The band firefighters back of the bus was then forced to return. This is where the situation has completely degenerated. He found himself on his back, a pair of buttocks resting on face. He then underwent digital penetration and another with a plastic bottle previously bent. The scene was filmed with a mobile phone. None of the officers has stumbled.

During a break at a highway rest area, while some have even mentioned the episode again in a low voice, conscious of having gone "too far". Then the journey was resumed. For firefighters, gymnasts have another rule: "Everything that happens in the team remains in the team," says a source.

Both complainants have broken the law of silence. They see their wounds in a Parisian medical-legal unit. The BSPP triggered an internal investigation and suspended until further notice exhibitions of his team.

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