True-false adoption in Polynesia

In 2005, 4,000 foreign children were adopted in France, against 1,500 in 2012. The reasons are found in the country.

"In the seventh month of pregnancy, I was very tired. My father called me to tell me about a couple of Popa'a, French, seeking a child. I do not want to give my daughter, "said Sylvana. Finally, she gives Angela the day of delivery, in October 2009, the couple met a few months earlier. "I was attached to my child, but I did not want it back. This is not an abandonment, I hope he has a bright future, "says the young woman who is raising two girls, making households and selling pancakes.

Each year, forty children born in French Polynesia leave their island to grow to 18,000 kilometers away, in a metropolitan family. It is often newborns, promised before birth to metropolitan equipped with an approval for adoption.

The concept of abandonment is alien to Pacific culture, and, in case of absence of parents, children are cared for by relatives. Here, no orphanage to meet with babies. The prospective adoptive parents must make their desire to start a family to raise a meeting with people willing to entrust their offspring. We thus bloom classifieds in offices midwife with the adoptive parents. Some distribute cards in public places, others are aimed at associations or make-to-door in neighborhoods.

After trying their luck in Russia, and Régine Pascal prospect to Tahi.

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