Toulouse: the injured in the frenzied assault, hostage unharmed

Police cars arrive on the premises of Météo France, Toulouse, June 7, 2012.

An armed man with unclear motives retained a security guard hostage for more than four hours Thursday, June 7 at the headquarters of Météo France, Toulouse, before being wounded in the assault of elite police IFNU who arrested. The guard was uninjured, does one police source said.

The individual could be an unemployed Toulouse area, perhaps armed with a shotgun, police said. The requirements of this man's speech less coherent did not appear clearly. In the discussions that took place with him, he would have demanded cigarettes, newspapers, portable.

The hostage situation made it necessary to evacuate the building where employees Météo-France set national forecasts. A deep concern for the victim, was added and the obligation to Météo-France to react quickly to continue to provide service and maintain vigilance especially on a day that lay ahead of strong storms over part of the country.

The discomfort was minimal and had no impact on the production of newsletters, said a spokesman, Emmanuel Bocrie. As for vigilance, mission critical security Météo France, "regional services have taken over immediately, and it works 100%," he has said.

This is before 7:00 began the hostage Basso-Cambo, to guard from Météo France. The position is occupied by two security guards in the new district of Toulouse suburbs who is also a business sector. According to preliminary investigation, the suspect would have used one of the two guards conducting a round to take his colleague. The officer making his rounds would notice an empty vehicle parked in front of Météo France and would have called the guardhouse. This is the hostage taker would have won, he would have told him to hold the other vigil under the threat of a weapon. He then forced the victim to drive inside the main building, which includes the national forecast center and IT services. The guard round would actually seen with a shotgun.

The warning given, the building was evacuated. At that time, only a small number of employees who provide service 24 hours on 24, were at the scene, said a director of Météo France in Toulouse, François Lalaurette. Police cordoned off the area and the Task Force of the National Police (IFNU) Bordeaux was called to the rescue.

Meanwhile, the owner of the vehicle left to Météo France has been identified as a man Colomiers, near Toulouse, police said. The individual himself claimed to be known to police. "There was contact, he uses words not necessarily very consistent," reported Mr. Lalaurette on site. 20 to 11 h, the IFNU stormed. The gunman was hit, but the severity of his injuries is unknown.

More than a thousand people work for Météo France and its partners on this campus. On the outside, the staff worried about their colleagues and their mission, a day when France announced Weather frequent thunderstorms, some strong in Midi-Pyrenees and a large part of France.

However, according Bocrie Emmanuel, spokesman of Meteo France, personal train regularly to situations challenging their service, "once we apply emergency procedures." The staff of the national forecast center was transferred to the National School of Meteorology where he could do his job, and regional services have taken over for vigilance. "There was a little discomfort, but it caused no concern to the end user," said he said.

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