The trial for the murder of French geneticist Lawrence Ségalat

Laurent Ségalat was ordered to pay 30,000 Swiss francs (25,000 euros) to each of the two sisters of the victim, civil party in the trial.

The trial of the French geneticist Ségalat Laurent, who is accused of killing his mother-January 9, 2010, began in Lausanne Wednesday, May 23. "I want to say emphatically that I am innocent of the charges against me," said the man, 47, who maintains his innocence for two and a half years.

The court began by viewing a long reconstruction of the drama, in which the defendant shows how he moved the body of his mother-in-66 years. Surrounded by his three lawyers, Lawrence Ségalat said "very bad" remembering facts but explains scratches to his arms and face by "frantic movements" to revive her, then he had to find inanimate. In the reconstruction, it starts: "I have not been able to save," and burst into tears.

Shortly after the discovery of the body of the second wife of his father, January 9, 2010, Laurent Ségalat was suspected then arrested and charged with murder. Author of several books, research director at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) in Villeurbanne where he directs the Center for Molecular Genetics and Cell (CMMC), Laurent Ségalat has always denied.


Since being remanded in custody, the geneticist has repeatedly called for his release. In vain. The autopsy of the victim, councilor in his village, revealed many wounds and bruises to the face and multiple skull fractures. The accused admitted that he transported the body of his stepmother and tried to revive her. He also admits to clean the house and then have changed before calling the police.

In his indictment, Eric Cottier, prosecutor of the canton of Vaud, the defendant referred to the Criminal Court for murder. About 25 witnesses and many experts are expected at the bar for a week. Many friends of Lawrence Ségalat were present in the room, including his wife and three daughters.

The presiding judge, Jean-Pierre Lador, complained of "unacceptable letters" sent by the entourage of the geneticist, saying that "if we wanted to antagonize the court, we would not have done otherwise."

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