The tour stopped in Belgium Dieudonné for "xenophobia"

Dieudonné, in March 2009 the theater on Main d'Or in Paris.

The controversial French comedian Dieudonne risk of further prosecution for "xenophobia" and "incitement to racial hatred" in Belgium, where his show was interrupted by police Wednesday night, said the City of Brussels, Thursday, May 10

After being denied these days access to two rooms in Anderlecht in the Brussels area, and in the suburbs of the Belgian capital, Dieudonné invited its fans Wednesday night at Fiesta Bar, living on the territory Town of Brussels, without notifying the authorities or seek approvals. The arrival of Dieudonné, who is already the subject of proceedings for a given March near Liège show however did not escape the Brussels authorities.

"As soon as we found out, I asked the police to be careful and prevent any slippage whatsoever, said the mayor, Freddy Thielemans. Unfortunately, there has been slippage, so the police intervened, wrote the minutes and we stopped the show. " Without giving details of the words, the mayor explained that Dieudonné had held "xenophobic" about "with inciting racial hatred."


While the first show was over, the police demanded that the operator of the room does not allow the entry of three hundred spectators who waited outside to attend the second performance. In twenty minutes, the actor tried to convince the police and the owner of the room to leave a second time his show, taking the audience remained in the room to witness and calling in vain that the police come to explain on stage, in two amateur videos posted on the Internet Thursday. These images, which show that the end of the performance, do not allow to judge whether xenophobic or anti-Semitic remarks were uttered. Finally, the room is emptied into the calm after the police had cut off electricity, according to city officials.

The police have made no arrests. The "PV police was forwarded to the prosecutor," who may sue, while the Brussels authorities are considering legal action to be the case, according to municipal services.

Dieudonné has meanwhile reacted Thursday by issuing a "call to witness" on his Facebook page. "Last night, the Belgian government has interrupted the show during the second session. CRS 100 [sic] and anti-riot trucks surrounded the crowd and were evacuated, he wrote. We wish to make a complaint against the Belgian authorities and we need your testimony, "he adds.

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