The "skinning" of Montreal agreed in Berlin

Luka Rocco Magnotta, bisexual former porn actor, is suspected of having killed and dismembered a man in Montreal.

The alleged skinning Luka Rocco Magnotta, fugitives, was arrested Monday, June 4 in the afternoon in a cafe in Berlin, said the Bild newspaper, citing police, on its website. "I confirm that the person arrested is Magnotta," said a spokesman of the German police, without providing further details.

He was arrested in the popular neighborhood with a large immigrant population of Neukölln in the south of the capital. Magnotta stood for an hour in the cafe on the Karl-Marx-Strasse, when police raided and handcuffed him, said the head of the institution, quoted by German television. The latter, having recognized the police warned. "I was not sure it was him but I checked by looking at the pictures," he has said. He got out of his cafe and waved at passing police patrol. "I told them: 'I have someone here that you may be looking for,'" continued Kadir Anlayisli. The suspect then identified himself to the police.


"You got me," was quoted Canadian, aged 29 and believed to have killed and dismembered a man in Montreal and have posted a video of the crime on the Internet. His victim was a Chinese student, Jun Lin, 32, from Wuhan in Hubei Province in central China.

Interpol confirmed the June 1 international broadcasting a request for arrest for his extradition. The French police, who were on his trail, warned his German counterpart on Monday morning that the fugitive had left Paris for Berlin on a Eurolines because the company says it does to Paris police source.

Interpol welcomed international police cooperation which led to the "rapid arrest," the young Candien. It "highlights the essential role of information sharing in the investigation of the fugitives," said the international police organization based in Lyon, in a statement.

Read portrait: Luka Rocco Magnotta, the fuzzy route 'Canadian Psycho'


Montreal police said Monday that the investigation Luka Rocco Magnotta was "far from over". Other issues could include reopened.

"When individuals are faced with this kind we think of other crimes," said Commander Ian Lafreniere, during a press conference, adding not have "really special crime head" .

The spokesman for the Montreal police also stressed the willingness of its services to continue hosting that allowed the dissemination of the video of the murder which Mr. Magnotta is accused. "You know that the video had been made on various web sites," said Ian Lafreniere. "We managed, with the help of people, working together, to withdraw. He always remained a place of Edmonton side refused. (.) If we are able to acknowledge, it will be part of our investigation, so I can assure you, "said the policeman.

Regarding extradition to Canada Luka Rocco Magnotta, the spokesman of the police could not say how long the steps might take. "It will also depend on how much it will react: is he going to try to challenge the extradition? Is it going to take? "

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