The proposed demolition and rehabilitation of the dorm Antony again blocked

The campus Antony (Hauts-de-Seine) was built in 1955.

But the urgent project demolition and rehabilitation of the largest university residence France, Jean-Zay cited in Antony (Hauts-de-Seine), that wishes to conduct the agglomeration of the Hauts-de-Bièvre community (CAHB) is blocked again. The Administrative Court of Versailles, seized by the Association of Friends of Antony university residence (Aarua), which brings together students, residents and elected officials left, canceled on May 10, the transfer of ownership of the state assets to the local community, depriving them of any ability to act.

For twenty-nine Patrick Devedjian previously as mayor (RPR) Anthony today as President of the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine, trying to get rid of all or part of this block, 2 049 homes, built in 1955. It will therefore have to wait for that "urban cyst" in his words, which covers 11 hectares, with dilapidated buildings and rooms 9 m2 without bathroom, disappears. This is known Karouchi, law of 2004, "tailored" according to its opponents, allowing the urban community to demand the transfer of state ownership of the housing stock. The case of Jean-Zay residence is also the only example in France, the application of this law.

The urban community is well stopped in its project to rehabilitate one of the buildings (the A) more than 500 homes, with the help of the famous architect Jean Nouvel. It also wants to demolish and build other buildings, by halving the number of apartments to bring in 1000 on the site.


The demolition is the crux of the conflict with the residents, the Aarua and the Ile-de-France, one of the financiers of the project to the tune of 20 million euros, of which 5 to renovate the building A. "Given the severe shortage of student accommodation available to rent in Ile-de-France, we can not accept this loss, unless they obtain guarantees will be rebuilt within the perimeter of the town, "argues Emmanuelle Cosse, Vice President of the Regional Council, in charge of housing. "The region has no jurisdiction to decide on the planning of our territory," retorted Patrick Devedjian. "We think, we comfort of students, and are determined to continue this work, even if the region does not make its financial contribution. In the meantime, we're going to appeal against the judgment of the tribunal, which is based on a procedural irregularity "announces Georges Siffredi, president of CAHB.

Residents defend this set, the university restaurant closed, the gym, work rooms, home and health center. They take advantage of all for a very affordable price 142 euros per month for a room and 235 euros for a two-piece, not deducted from the housing allowance. The survey conducted in February and March by the residents' association with 195 of them shows this commitment: the rents are low priority for 83% of respondents and close to transport, to 65%. "We definitely want to stop the demolitions, argues Laura Delair, in charge of social issues at the National Union of Students of France (UNEF), because in 2010, already 819 units of residence Jean-Zay were destroyed" .

The New Project provides him room to current standards, of 16 square meters, kitchenette and bathroom included, for rent under 256 euros per month. Provided that the region finance its share. "We hope that the rehabilitation of a building already three-quarters empty, be engaged as soon as possible, says Nabila Meknoun of the residents' association, but the report in late June, the Council of residence life is ominous . " The state, which becomes the sole owner so far, will probably forced to mediate the conflict.

Read the survey The future of the City U Antony.

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