The price Guenin against homophobia Virginia Despentes and Paris Foot Gay

Players of Paris Foot Gay, October 7, 2009 at the Parc des Princes in a football tournament to 7.

The Pierre Guenin price against homophobia in 2012 was presented Monday at the writer-filmmaker Virginie Despentes and Paris Foot Gay Association, during a ceremony at the town hall of the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

For SOS Homophobia Association, Virginia Despentes has "worked to show the image of strong, independent and autonomous women, some lesbians, as in his documentary Mutantes or his novel Apocalypse baby, thereby making himself more visible than ever in a society where female homosexuality is often ignored. "

Paris Foot Gay work for ten years against homophobia in sport and to a greater acceptance of differences in sport. He was the initiator of the Charter against homophobia in football.

Pierre Guérin, named after the pioneer of the gay press in France Prize was created in 2009. It was awarded in the presence of the PS mayor of Montpellier, Hélène Mandroux, who took the prize last year.

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