The oldest French, Marie-Therese Bardet, died at 114 years

The oldest French and Europeans, Marie-Therese Bardet, died at the age of 114 on June 2.

The oldest known French and Europeans, Marie-Therese Bardet, who celebrated his 114 years on June 2, died Friday, June 8, told AFP the retirement home Pontchâteau in western France , where she had lived since the 1990s.

Marie-Thérèse Louise Jégat, born civil hospital in Lorient (Morbihan), because his mother, Marie-Louise Jégat, was single and gave public assistance, lived in Vannes, before settling in St. Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique) just before the Second World War. She was the head of an offspring of two children, seven grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Marie-Therese Bardet was the sixth person known to the world's oldest, according to the list of "supercentenarians" worldwide validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), which lists the birth of people aged over 110 years.

Before it in the list of seventy "supercentenarians" updated May 27 by the GRG, two Americans and a Japanese are aged 115 years and two Japanese are aged 114 years. The oldest known world is Besse Cooper, an American 115 years old, born August 26, 1896.


According to Laurent Toussaint, French member of GRG, the new dean known French would now Paule Bronzini, born July 7, 1900 and residing in the Vaucluse. "But as she has a moderate age, 111 years, it is very possible that in the coming weeks a new or declared by his family "older Dean has insisted Mr. Toussaint. The new Europe known Dean would be "113 years of Italian, Maria Redaelli Granoli", also said Toussaint.

There is no international official to scientifically determine which is the oldest in the world, taking into account changes in legislation on birth certificates. Thus the list of "supercentenarians" includes citizens of American countries, Japan, Australia and European countries, but no Chinese or person living in Russia and the countries of the East, nor nationals of Africa.

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