The massive feminization of the judiciary stops at the doors of the hierarchy

Judges out of a general meeting February 4, 2011 at the Palais de Justice in Nantes, after voting the day "a week without hearing" until February 10.

80% of judges who leave school are women, and if the trend continues, recognizes a sociologist, promotions are all female in less than ten years. Since listeners of justice majority since 1981 and the gap continues to widen, one day may come when all the judges will be magistrates.

The National School of Magistrates (ENM) has addressed the issue at a conference on May 31 and June 1, and skillfully written about the gender of judges. Without knowing what to think. Is that so bad? There are fifty, all judges were men (84% in 1963) and nobody worried. The key is that all dispense justice in the same way, as suggested by studies still partial. But should we advocate for parity? And where are the men?


The 213 listeners justice Promotion 2012 are 80.28% women. But candidates who have passed the first formidable competition - there are four, the other three are reserved for officials, professionals in the private or recruited securities - are women, to 86.93%, which is a record . The support of the NHS promote it girls? No, because they were already trying to 84.14%. The offset is upstream, the students were 63.8% in the universities of law and the legal professions are all feminized quickly.

84.4% of his clerks.

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