The man who consumed women

Cyril Robert Lalagade is called a well-bred young man. Heir of the prestigious Parisian restaurant La Maison du Caviar, the concept has spread throughout the world, he is also vice-president of the company Caviar Volga. A sumptuous card that hides a fairly complicated personal history. And a taste for parties, orgies trend, apparently he loves spicy drugs, sex and pretty girls.

Two of them, Jennifer D., 27 years and Ines C. B., 26, had been infatuated with him. They accuse today have maintained and promoted between 2005 and 2009, their addiction to submit to sexual practices they initially consented, and they were no longer able to refuse . Caviar, cocaine and fine particles in the beautiful areas of Paris, so it's part explored by the Assize Court of Paris, in front of which was to appear from June 7, Cyril Lalagade, 42, for "rape "," torture and barbarism. "


The accused is not a stranger to the drug squad. Since 1997, he regularly attends the criminal courts for driving offenses, drug trafficking and consumption. Arrested in February 2006, he was sentenced in January 2008 to three years suspended sentence for "drug trafficking". Uncovered during this investigation, the facts discussed today by the Assize Court avai.

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