The main perpetrator of the assault Villeurbanne in custody

The alleged hammer blows inflicted on young Jews wearing skullcaps, in an attack Saturday night in Villeurbanne, appeared Thursday, June 7 at the police and was taken into custody, a t- was learned from police sources. The man, aged twenty years, "has presented itself" to the police to 16 h 30, the source said.

Five people are currently in custody in connection with the investigation into the violent assault of three young Jews in Villeurbanne, the source said. If man is "like others in custody, in total denial" and "deny the use of a hammer," said the source, according to the results of the investigation, "it is the one we consider as having made use of the hammer. " According to relatives of the victims, they were made late Thursday afternoon at the police station to identify their attackers.


Wednesday, two young people had gone to the police, four days after the attack, which was condemned by the political class and all religions. A third alleged assailant was taken into custody Wednesday night and a fourth brother of one of the first two, was arrested Thursday morning. The latter would have participated in the altercation but was not carrying a weapon, said a police source. He must account to the police and be faced with two other men aged 19 and 22 years in custody since Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday 18 am to 30, three young people aged 18, 23 and 24 years old, wearing a yarmulke, went to a church service at the Jewish school Beth Menachem, Villeurbanne, when they were "insulted and jostled by three individuals. " The attackers, who were joined by a dozen people had returned to the charge. Ensued was an "exchange of blows" during which "two of the three young" Jews had received "a hammer and a blow with an iron bar at the head," according to police.

The authors face a sentence of seven years' imprisonment for three factors "aggravated violence": the religious affiliation of the victims, the fact that the attackers were many, and the use of weapons by destination, the hammer and bar metallic traction. The Union of Jewish Students of France announced its intention to bring a civil action in this case.

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