The hamlet of Courbefy auctioned for 520,000 euros

The hamlet of Courbefy and 21 buildings have been abandoned since 2008.

It should not be late to the High Court of Limoges, Monday, May 21 at the beginning of the afternoon, to acquire the hamlet of Courbefy (Haute-Vienne). Auctioned, the hamlet has been sold after a first unsuccessful sale on February 20. The 21 buildings, swimming pool and tennis courts scattered around ten hectares were awarded 520,000 euros for a U.S. company specializing in landscape photography, Ahae Press, after less than half an hour of auction .

Made 330,000 euros price, location was coveted and an unprecedented media coverage from a first auction that had found no buyer. But among the dozens of onlookers who had moved on site in recent weeks, only three potential buyers were represented by a lawyer on Monday.

The hamlet of Courbefy, peaking at 557 meters and situated on the edge of the Haute-Vienne, in the Limousin-Périgord regional park, was abandoned in 2008. In 2003, a couple of former officials of the Gers had repurchased in order to develop a hotel and restaurant, but the operation did not last four years. Since then, the owner of the debt with Credit Agricole, had not come to sell it. After losing its last inhabitants in the 1970s, previous attempts to revive the village had also been unsuccessful.

Present in the courtroom Monday Limoges, Jean-Pierre Chteau, communal agent Bussière-Galant, village inhabitants in 1400 which is the hamlet, summarized in World sales: "It was relatively fast . The judge decided to move the folder Courbefy first, for more serenity. The auction lasted about twenty minutes, there were only two lawyers who actually outbid. "

The producer Dutch company Endemol reality shows, which planned to shoot Courbefy candidates to rebuild, had to bow to the offer Ahae Press. This American company, founded by a South Korean photographer whose work will be exhibited at the Louvre this summer, had revived the process of acquiring the hamlet applicant, on March 1, a bid with the clerk of court and deposit of 33,000 euros.

The room was then cleared of twenty journalists. The few inhabitants of Bussière-Galant and Saint-Nicolas-de-Courbefy, associated municipalities, who attended in curious sales remained with their questions about the future of the hamlet. 'We're not too familiar with the project, expected to see, "said Jean-Pierre Castle.

Bernard Guilhem, Deputy Mayor of Saint-Nicolas-Courbefy, said he was "very pleased with the sale," after visiting places with potential buyers for several months. But even if he could speak with representatives of the American company, there was no information that journalists remained in court. "I tried to find out what the project was. One of the representatives Ahae I replied that as soon as the Louvre exhibition was over, he would tell me. He said: 'Do not worry, we respect nature and will create jobs. " The counsel of record for the company Ahae Press, Mr. Emmanuel Lemasson, had his side not more.

On its website, the South Korean photographer Ahae is presented as a lover of the countryside eager to "allow nature to develop as it should be, without the interference of man." A Courbefy, where roses and weeds now hinder entries houses, it's been four years that nature has reasserted itself, "without interference from man."

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