The father of one of the soldiers killed by Merah continues Sarkozy and Squarcini

A public military ceremony attended by President Sarkozy, five other candidates in the presidential election, and several ministers, to be held in the afternoon in the barracks of the 17th Regiment, in tribute to three soldiers killed 11 and 15 March.

The father of Corporal Abel Chennouf, 25, killed in March by Mohamed Merah, filed a complaint against the incumbent president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and against the head of the intelligence services, which it accuses of failing to prevent the death of his son. Another paratrooper wounded by Mohamed Merah the same day at Montauban, Loïc Riber, 25, is also released from the hospital, paralyzed, Has it learned Tuesday, May 8 from the press service of the army.

Albert Chennouf, father of one of two soldiers of the 17th RPG Montauban killed on March 15, filed a "statement to the police," the non-assistance to a person in danger, according to the prosecutor of Nimes. The file must be sent to Paris. "I want to complain against Nicolas Sarkozy and Bernard Squarcini for non-assistance to a person in danger. I hold responsible for the death of my son, "said Mr. Chennouf on the site of the weekly Le Nouvel Observateur. Bernard Squarcini is the head of the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI).

"We are bound to ask questions, he added Chennouf. I think when you go to Pakistan by making a detour to Israel, it can not be with the blessing of the French services. The assumption has been eliminated Merah he does not speak for me seems more plausible (...). The political will was he dies. " Counsel for Mr. Chennouf, Gilbert Collard, confirmed that his client had filed a complaint. It "is in great despair, he pays the price of the drama lived," said he said.


His comrade, Loïc Riber, had spinal cord severed by a bullet fired at point blank range outside the barracks of his regiment. He has been a quadriplegic and was transferred to a center specialized rehabilitation. "His days are no longer in danger," said an officer of SIRPA earth.

Another victim of Mohamed Merah Bijaoui Aaron, 15, is out of its Toulouse hospital April 12 after several operations to treat injuries to the lung and stomach.

Mohamed Merah coldly killed in less than ten days, a man and three Jewish children and three young soldiers. The young man, who claimed al-Qaeda, was killed March 22 when police intervention in his apartment in Toulouse, after thirty-two hours of seat.

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