The endless waiting relatives of Mouzin Estelle, who died in 2003 at the age of 9 years

Relatives Estelle Mouzin (including his father, Eric, 4th left) during a march to Guermantes in 2008 to mark the fifth anniversary of his death.

Exceptionally, Estelle Association - created a few months after the death in January 2003, Estelle Mouzin, 9 - n 'organize any event on the occasion of the 10th International Missing Children's Day, Friday, May 25 "This year we do not have the energy," said Eric Mouzin, father of the girl. The members recently participated in the search of one of them, who committed suicide by drowning. And distribute posters with the image of the missing person has the painfully brought more than nine years ago.

It was night, Thursday, January 9, 2003 and children Guermantes (Seine-et-Marne), excited by the snow, laughing jostled back from school. Estelle has evaporated then between 18 h 30 and 18 h 45. With the introduction of unprecedented ways, the survey followed multiple tracks but the enigma remains, and the father of Estelle does not solve it.


In late 2011, he published Retrieve Estelle (Stock), a book showing a painful anger. He evokes the "infinite slowness of things," his perception methods of investigation as information communicated to him. He regrets the lack of adequate facilities for families facing such a tragedy. "We can not both be and do. Since the first day I chose to do. And I be stifled, "he wrote.

Expert in industrial risk for insurance companies, Eric Mouzin refuses to be condemned to "grieving father role." "How to design the kidnapper has made a faultless, that is found no witnesses, no trace," he asks. In 2006, he was instrumental in the establishment plan Abduction Alert. In 2009, Estelle Association informed the judge in Meaux - the fourth charge of the case - a mapping of kidnappings in the region with the dates and locations of the bodies found. No response.

The last letter he received from the justice of April and discusses the discovery of the body of a child found buried during decomposition. Not that of Estelle ... The investigation "is still ongoing," the letter said. M.Mouzin dream of creating a "body of judges dedicated to similar cases" constitute a real "memory" folder.


This "memory" is called Stephanie Duchatel. Police commander in the Regional Directorate of the Judicial Police (DRPJ) of Versailles, it follows the investigation since its inception with a group that had up to eight people. She devoted three years exclusively Estelle case cosaisine with the Central Office for Prevention of Violence against people (OCRVP), then another two years part-time.

"Today, we have become a group of classic criminal investigation, explains Duchatel, but not a week goes by without working on Estelle folder. Do not have solved this case is a failure that a perfectionist service can not be satisfied. "

Mr. Herrmann and Mr. Seban, lawyers Estelle Association, complained that "boxes" filled with records not saved in the folder and from the DRPJ Versailles drag the court of Meaux, whose records are saturated. "They go back to 2009 and we have never been disclosed, which does not allow real-time verification that nothing is overlooked in the investigation, told me Seban. A little girl has disappeared and it is urgent because the kidnappers or and / or potential murderers are repeat offenders. " A request for transfer of the sprawling Paris folder failed earlier this year. In response, the Attorney General of Paris acknowledged a "slight delay" and promised to assign a temporary employee for the reverse.

The insistence of Mr. Herrmann and Mr. Seban, however, allowed the release of special funds and triggering DNA analysis on the seal of the Fourniret case. Sentenced in May 2008 to life imprisonment for seven murders of girls, serial killer - who lived in Belgium but part of the family to which he often visited was set in the Yvelines at the time of the disappearance of Estelle - represents a serious track for lawyers. But DRPJ Versailles excludes "99%" due to the weather and the distance from Belgium, where he was the morning.

Hope remains, however. Mid-April, the Institute genetic Nantes Atlantique (IGNA) which was to provide the results in late March of 271 fibers, animal hair or human hair items taken from a vehicle M.Fourniret requested a further period of four months .

"My goal is to be found the culprit to be able to move on, or the more time passes, the harder it gets," says Mouzin. At 57, he just buried his mother and believes in preparing his own succession without penalizing the brother and elder sister Estelle. It would take to trigger this specific court proceedings to the loss of a loved one. "It is not a neutral act, he said. It does not prevent the investigation to continue, but it comes back to endorse administratively Estelle death whose cases are still in the closet of the house. "

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