The effectiveness of a device discussed reading assistance

The High Council of Education is concerned about a school "growing" failure.

At a time when the new Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon, wants to fight against school failure, focusing on primary school, the question of the effectiveness of measures already in place. The World has obtained a report assessing one of the most important: Helping key thumb.

This device dropout prevention called "early" - from 6-7 years - gaining momentum over the last fifteen years: 60,000 students in preparatory courses have benefited since 1995, 9,800 in 2011. A "boost" in reading and writing, provided each evening after school, to "break the school fate," says the Association to promote equal opportunities at school (Apféé). It was she who initiated clubs Coup key inch (CPC), now deployed in some 1,200 schools in 270 cities.

"There is no tutoring or homework help, but to bring children the benefits of success that other, more fortunate, have at home," said Philippe Boutot, director of the Apféé. "We listen, support by a trained facilitator, parental involvement valued, because we know the outcome of education is tied very soon," the former referring loose at Ernst & Young. The figures on this point are clear: 20% of children in difficulty CP have very little chance to master basic skills. Each year, students are 4 out of 10 out of CM2 with gaps.

Despite the cost of the device - 1.

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