The case Couviour Josiane The Couviour sentenced to 15 years in prison

The Couviour Josiane, who appeared on 22 May before the Assize Court of Morbihan, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for complicity in kidnapping and robbery in 2009 on his stepmother, the second wife of the industrial The Eugene Couviour.

The jurors did not accept the charge of murder against the accused. Sentenced to 20 years in prison was required to Josiane The Couviour.

Wenceslas Fretwell and Guénolé Madé, convicted of kidnapping and robbery resulting in death, were sentenced respectively to 18 and 15 years' imprisonment. The prosecution had requested 20 and 10 years. The fourth co-defendant, Loïc Dugue, convicted of complicity in kidnapping and complicity in robbery causing death, was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment. The prosecution had requested 10 years.

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The accused, who claimed that he simply wanted to rob the home of her parents documents proving that his stepmother heard capture inheritance, repeated during the trial he had "not want the death of Annette" . "You do not have any evidence of intent to kill Josiane The Couviour Annette The Couviour" had hammered his lawyer Thierry Fillion.

"She recognized cause of this tragedy, this amazing idea, she thought simple, ask Loïc Dugué to steal documents and, as he could not do it, find someone to do in his place. And, in the end, she learned by telephone consequences of this terrible idea, "pleaded Mr. Thierry Fillion, counsel for Josiane The Couviour.

For his part, Mr. Eric Smith-Moretti, representing the children of the victim, civil party, swept the idea of ​​a simple burglary. "If Annette still alive, the will, we can do it again! They may have copies! Your project makes sense if Annette dies ", he had said.

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