The cannibal Miami was not a

Pictures of Rudy Eugene, the "cannibal Miami" and his victim, the homeless Ronald Poppo, released by Miami police.

Partial results of the autopsy of Rudy Eugene, shot by police in Miami (Florida), while under the influence of delirium may be related to drug use, he shredded the face of a homeless show that has been called "cannibal" wrongly. According to the Miami Herald, which reports the initial results, no piece of human flesh was found in the stomach of Eugene, who would likely have spit the chewed pieces.

However examiners have found "undigested pills" in the stomach of Rudy Eugene, and indicated that the man had smoked marijuana before going into action. No details are yet available on the nature of these pills.

The track "bath salts," a drug with comparable effects to what could experiment Eugene - increased body temperature (explaining the fact that he was naked before attacking the SDF), delirium, attack bite - is planned for the beginning of the case. The Miami Herald nevertheless stresses that the full autopsy could take several months or even a year.

Ronald Poppo, the man attacked by the "zombie Miami" is still hospitalized in critical condition.

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