The alleged sniper prison Varces committed suicide on the morning of his trial

The alleged sniper prison Varces committed suicide Friday morning, April 27 at the prison Lyon-Corbas the morning of his trial, which was dismissed, do we have a judicial source, confirming a report in the Dauphine Libere website.

Accused of shooting in September 2008 an inmate in the prison yard Varces in Isère, Marcel Egea, 61, should be tried alongside the suspected mastermind. The trial was "postponed to a later session" after the suicide of the alleged shooter, announced the president of the court, Dominique Bréjoux during a brief hearing. Marcel Egea was accused of "conspiracy" and "murder and attempted murder by an organized gang in recidivism", has already been sentenced in 1978 to twenty years' imprisonment for attempted murder during a robbery.

"He expected nothing. He condemned himself to silence and did not want to attend his trial, "he told AFP on Friday morning his lawyer, Gilbert Morgan, committed early to office in April, which saw it again Thursday at the prison. For me Florent Girault, which ensured its defense until there is still a few months, "the hope that anything was futile." He said the trial should not take place because it would be deprived of essential "serenity".

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