The alleged shooting at a nightclub in the North was arrested

Gendarmes before the disco Vamos at Bertry, where ten people were wounded by gunfire on July 8.

Exactly one week after the deadly shooting outside a nightclub Lille, shots were fired Sunday, July 8 at another institution North, making this time of ten minor injuries.

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting to the hunting weapon was arrested a few hours after the incident by the GIGN, said prosecutors. He was arrested at his home with his wife. A third man - suspected of being his driver after the incident and "had called to indicate that he would give himself up" - has also been arrested at his home.

The arrests took place without incident, said the prosecutor. "We knew who it was, there was no difficulty about identities," said Attorney Jerome Marilly. The three suspects were taken into custody for attempted murder and complicity.


4 to 30 pm Sunday, a customer of the nightclub The Vamos at Bertry near Cambrai, deemed "undesirable" was "asked to leave". "What he did," before returning quickly and fired three or four shots of buckshot with a hunting rifle, outside and in the lobby of the hotel, told the sub-prefect of Cambrai Etienne Stock.

He then fled with the help of an accomplice "in a vehicle whose registration number was noted," announced the sub-prefect and the police. The sub-prefect of Cambrai held that the "rewind" the alleged shooter could be "due to the fact he had a gun in his vehicle in the parking lot of the hotel. But again, this is the investigation will determine. "

According to a latest report, the fire made ten minor injuries (new customers and a porter), seven of which have been admitted to hospitals in Cambrai and Le Cateau. In addition, three people were very upset supported by the rescue, one has also been hospitalized, according to firefighters on site. A unit of medical and psychological support has been implemented in Cambrai. No prognosis was committed and the person most severely affected was reached at the elbow, said the sub-prefect.


The shooting came a week after the one that took place just outside a nightclub in Lille, which killed two and injured six. In this case, the alleged shooter and his alleged accomplice were arrested in Spain on Friday.

"Of course everyone made the connection" with the shooting of Lille, said Mr. Stock. "It is a somewhat similar context and in terms of time, we are in a very close schedule," so far "do not have a priori and the facts are not necessarily identical," he he added.

According to the mayor of Bertry Jacques Olivier, if you can not say that the institution has "bad reputation", according to him it is "not calm", citing "out of box a little hectic" but "nothing bad so far." He said he was surprised "by the violence and the importance of the facts." The nightclub is located a little away from the small town of Bertry, which has 2,000 inhabitants, is located between a small business area fields. "When we begin to have that kind of facts in the rural, it's a little scared," he added.

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