The UMP takes the judges after the examination of a police officer

Police showed Wednesday, April 25 in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The UMP has accused "some judges" from "only apply the presumption of guilt" forgetting "the presumption of innocence" face "some police officers" after the indictment of a police officer for murder Wednesday, April 25 in Seine-Saint-Denis.

In a statement, Bruno Beschizza, National Secretary of the UMP, said "support the police in the Seine-Saint-Denis has demonstrated Wednesday evening" after the indictment of their colleague for murder. A qualification which, he said, "may appear incomprehensible in the context of the interpretation of self-defense."

"The scandal in Seine-Saint-Denis, are the thugs who have too often them, the culture of excuses," Mr. Beschizza.

Guest of France Info, Thursday, April 26, Hollande did not want to comment on the matter, saying "respect the independence of the judiciary."


The three unions peacekeepers were received late in the evening in the office of Minister of the Interior after spontaneous hundreds of police in Bobigny, then on the Champs-Elysées, Paris events. These were the result of the indictment of their colleague for having killed Saturday sought a repeat offender in Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis). They called the police, placed under judicial supervision with disqualification, may continue to receive his salary.

Version of self-defense invoked by the officer of 33 years has been undermined by the autopsy and testimony, according to which the victim, a man on the run, and repeat offender wanted for armed robbery, was killed with shot in the back.

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