The Court of Auditors criticizes the management of Sciences Po

The remuneration of the successor of Richard Descoings, paid more than € 537,000, will be more framed ensure the establishment.

Sciences Po Paris took his ease with the most basic rules of public finances. Too much, even, said the Court of Auditors. This is demonstrated by the report it is preparing preliminary observations in the coming days, to be sent to key stakeholders. At least for part of the work they are concerned, fear of leakage requires. They will have one month to respond. The final report is not expected until September. And this time, we should already know who is the successor of Richard Descoings head of this institution.

According to our information, the judgment of the Court would be severe, even questioning the control of the institution. The survey, conducted in-house since October 2011, unveils a school where the excesses of management were numerous. "A global non-virtuous system," said a source. The World had already set the tone in its edition of June 14. Our information helps us today to be more specific. "The problem is that there is too much money at Sciences Po says that person. This is a very rich institution, where there is always a payer, ie the state. "

"NOBODY IS accountable"

In fact, when we joined the payroll of public teachers, 64% to 67% of the resources of the IEP, as the years come from the state. Consequence of this comfortable situation, "Nobody is accountable, adds the same source. People served and lived well. The school has ten years behind the public accounting rules in force. " A peak for a school that teaches the management of public money.

This general observation obviously flat shadow Richard Descoings, the former director of the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in Paris. His death due to a heart attack on April 3 in New York slowed somewhat investigation auditors of the Court. The finding is not less sharp: "He ran an autocratic IEP without an ounce of good management principles." And examples abound.

Starting with executive compensation, of course, the level had hit the headlines in late 2011. Ten members of the executive committee of the institution for the year hit premiums totaling EUR 295,000, between 10 000 and 100 000 euros.

Rather than judge their level, the Court is interested in how they were awarded. According to various reliable sources, there was no clear and written evaluation of the employees concerned and no information board.


The question arises as to the legality of such a system under the principles that apply to foundations. The IEP is actually managed by the National Foundation of Political Science (FNSP). Under the tax regime applicable to foundations, executive compensation should have been passed by the board of directors of the foundation and be an annual report of the auditor. This has clearly not been the case.

Another prime example of drift, mission expenses and travel. Thus, the mission of the school that Richard Descoings support in 2009, at the request of Nicolas Sarkozy to back in the saddle reform bad start, was fully assumed by the FNSP! A source close to the matter at Sciences Po, recognizes that "the normal administrative procedure was not followed: there was no meeting at Matignon, no" blue "[document that described the mission] , no letter to the Budget Minister or the Minister concerned. This is as much the responsibility of the government as ours! " The transaction still cost nearly a million.

In terms of travel, the rules are clear, much less behavior. While a State agent that moves should not spend more than 45 euros per night in the province, 60 euros in Paris and 15 euros per meal, some at Sciences Po do not hesitate, for example, dinner Lutetia, an exclusive hotel in Paris, and at the expense of the IEP. "One case in five years, "Does it puts at Sciences Po

In fact, one of the fundamental problems of the institution lies in its "dual status" private law foundation, public law for the IEP. "A confusion of genres permanent "slice does one good source. "A very complex legal issue," argues Will we at Sciences Po, stating that "the specific organization of the house is also the fact that the reforms we are carrying can be implemented quickly."


Adding to this already dark lack of rationalization, especially in the procurement policy, which leads to exorbitant operating costs. Good source, it is surprising example of the multitude of contracts (reception, maintenance, photocopies.) Without the interests of the institution have been taken into account.

Management service teachers would also more than lax. Few teachers would meet the 128 hours of courses they need for a full-time, and mostly by the set of coefficients or non-regulatory landfills, make only very few hours.

The investigation of the Court of Auditors has at least allowed awareness. The current leaders are now fully aware of the abuses reported. They show commitment to correct them. "This report comes in transition, and it is very happy, considering one of them. Otherwise, one could consider that the new director is Richard Descoings betray or imitates. Here we have an objective basis. "

In the columns of the World June 14, Jean-Claude Casanova, President of FNSP, estimated that "as we invite the Court of Auditors, we will improve our management." They also do not have the choice, if, after the final report, the Court should seek prosecution.

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