The Chinese diaspora hope the benefits of banking reform in China

The Wenzhounais maintain significant economic exchanges with their region of origin - here, the Chinese workers at a factory in Wenzhou.

Since March 28, a reform of the banking market in China raises the growing attention of the Chinese diaspora in France. This reform, little known in France, has the characteristic of the target area of ​​Wenzhou, in the southeast of China. Become a region in recent years, thanks in part to its expatriates, one of the most prosperous countries, which originated most Chinese immigrants arrived in France in the last twenty years.

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However, one of the peculiarities of the Chinese diaspora in France lies in the importance of trade it has with its starting region. Among immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb, remittances are mainly used to support the consumption of families at home. But in Wenzhounais, this money is often invested productively in the business area of ​​their origin. Over the years, significant trade grew. Point approximately 70% to 80% of foreign investment in Wenzhou come from the so-called "Chinese overseas". Investments that could make a new one.

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