The CNLF boasts a series of attacks in Corsica

The National Liberation Front of Corsica (FNLC) claimed thirty bombings committed in May on the island against 17 homes belonging to "continental" or foreign. In the statement issued Saturday, June 2, the first armed group since the election of François Hollande, the CNLF calls for "a process of political settlement of the Corsican national question" and denies any aggressive intentions towards the new government.

"Our actions in recent days were long-planned and postponed due to elections. In any case they are a warning or a threat towards the political establishment, "they write. The CNLF, who said he unified the clandestine movements has boosted political violence appeared in the 1970s on the island and never really stopped since, with the last few months a series of attacks and "Blue Night" on 10 and 11 May

The armed group, is confident that the members of the government of Jean-Marc Ayrault, asked the government the loss of what he calls "exceptional justices" in fact specialized police and justice for acts terrorists. Claim this Saturday comes two days before an important trial in Paris.

Read the terms Corsica finish with exceptional justice in France


The CNLF claims by these violent actions take the "speculation" that would be a "threat to the Corsican people" because, in his view, the influx of "continental" or foreigners on the island would jeopardize what he sees as the only authentic Corsican. "We will not allow to install more than 4,500 second homes per year, more than 45,000 in ten years. We are a people of 300,000 souls (.) Corsican land must remain full possession of corse "people, the group said.

It also states, in essence, it is ready to respond with violence to gang "Sea Breeze". The FLNC-called "response capacity" and warns what he calls the "mafia groups".

Developments, the political group seems to have started a violent confrontation, for some reason, with this rather Bastia gang specializes in traditional crime.

The CNLF claimed the assassination of Christian Leoni, alleged member of the "Sea Breeze" on October 28, 2011, by presenting it as a response to the murder of nationalist Charles-Philippe Paoli, shot on June 28 last. Property issues could be the cause of the dispute.

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