The CFCM, dying, attacked by its own founders

The 2012 version of the French Council of the Muslim Faith is considered unrepresentative by most Muslims.

The more knowledgeable specialists of Islam in France would lose almost their Latin. Alliances against-alliances, false alliances, multiply among key institutional actors Muslims. Their common goal: get rid of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), the 2012 version is considered unrepresentative by most Muslims.

Ironically, two of the main founders of the historical CFCM who, after having boycotted the 2011 elections and blocked any reform, calling for its overhaul. Tangier again, these are the two warring brothers, the Great Mosque of Paris, linked to Algeria and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF), close to the Muslim Brotherhood, which at the end of " fraternal exchanges, "said Tuesday, May 28:" The mu worship.

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  • In Madrid, Manuel Valls called for the dissolution of ETA
  • Experts for a real policy of adolescence
  • New bombing against a second home in Corsica
  • "Black Weekend" for the TGV from Paris to the South and Southwest
  • Karachi case: opening a criminal investigation for unintentional injuries
  • Valls replaces the top three of the police hierarchy
  • A manuscript founder Jean Jaurès preempted by state
  • Emergency Accommodation: Cécile Duflot does extend the winter break?
  • In Marseille, Sylvie Andrieux, returned to correctional embezzlement loses the nomination PS
  • Old and wishful thinking
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