That police expect their first official meeting with Manuel Valls

The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, gendarmerie Mormant (Seine-et-Marne), the day he took office.

They are realistic, representatives of police unions. In their first meeting with the Interior Minister, Friday, May 25 at 11 am, they will not stand up Beauveau with their shopping list - their claims are not yet lacking. "This is a presentation hearing, I wait to see what he will say to us," said Nicolas Comte, general secretary of Unity SGP Police (majority among peacekeepers). "There is no specific waiting ads, says the Minister's office on. This is to prepare the conditions for dialogue to come. " In the afternoon, Manuel Valls meet members of the Council of the military function of the gendarmerie, the consultative body of the military.


Most of the invited representatives have already met their future minister before the presidential election, when he was also preparing actively as discreetly to his current duties. "I know him as communications director Francois Hollande says Philippe Capon, head of UNSA Police (third union among peacekeepers), not as Minister of the Interior. He will be able to give us more information on what it means to put in place the police, beyond his movements. "

Visits, Manuel Valls has already made a number, particularly in the areas iconic difficulties working forces: Noisy-le-Sec, Seine-Saint-Denis, where the police officer indicted worked for murder on April 25, Essonne, his department, where the situation of neighborhoods is still very tense and Marseille, where the source of reckoning seems inexhaustible. "The minister is very attentive to the working conditions of police officers, who are highly degraded," says Will we Beauveau Place.

"We show them what you want to show him, recognizes Mr. Capon. But at least he went to see for himself the specific problems where they arise. " "He refrained from sounding declarations" welcomes Patrice Ribeiro (Synergy, second among officers).

But the real fun begins. All await the first appointments of the new bosses of the police, which will provide "some indication of what he will do," said Mr. Earl. And then there is the alpha and omega of the claim of police unions, the end of the general revision of public policies. And hiring promises are not enough: "There is also the material and financial resources," says Capon. "There is more money, we will have to innovate," Judge Ribeiro. "The room for maneuver is thin," recalls does in the entourage of M.Valls.

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