Ten to twelve year sentence against Antonio Ferrara for steering Joinville

Cover of the book of Matthew and Brendan Kemmet Suc, "Antonio Ferrara, the king of the beautiful" (Le Cherche Midi).

The public prosecutor has requested Tuesday, May 15 between ten and twelve years of imprisonment before the Assize Court of Paris against the "King of the beautiful", Antonio Ferrara, for the robbery of the post office from Joinville-le Pont (Val-de-Marne) in July 1999. The Advocate General Jean-Paul Content requested further eight years in prison against the other accused, Issa Traoré, he is not suspected of having participated in the shooting that had ensued with criminals in a chase.

"The facts are old, the survey is flawed and can not say that the file is well put together," Jean-Paul recognized Content an hour earlier starting in his indictment. But has he found the phone and "the presence of nuclear DNA Antonio Ferrara on a motorcycle glove found in the vehicle the driver hostage" are elements that, "added, are a beam strong enough evidence "to hold the guilt of robber.

Knowing that the defense disputes with the strongest evidence of two police officers who have been identified as Antonio Ferrara seven years after the fact, during the first trial, the Advocate General has deliberately chosen not to rely on them. To determine the quantum of punishment required, the Advocate General pointed out that "the gravity of the facts."

However, the Advocate General urged jurors to consider the behavior of Antonio Ferrara in prison since 2003. The prison administration portrays a model prisoner, who plays a "moderating role" with other prisoners. "The positive development of Antonio Ferrara home central Lille Sequedin led me down a notch compared to the sentence had been pronounced in Créteil in 2006 and was 15 years' imprisonment," he concluded parquetier. Tried separately, Issa Traore had him sentenced to ten years in prison in the first instance.

The verdict is expected on Wednesday.

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