Taubira applauded by legal professionals children

Christine Taubira, the General Assembly of the AFMJF, June 2 to Paris.

Christiane Taubira was entitled Saturday, June 2 to a standing ovation from professionals justice for children, this time while avoiding taking any concrete commitment, announced two weeks after the removal of correctional juvenile courts.

"Judge children, it is a great track, much more beautiful than the juvenile court," said the Minister of Justice at the opening of the General Assembly of the French Association of Youth Magistrates and family (AFMJF). "We know how much you've been branded (.), We felt the injustice, brutality and violence of the attacks that have been reserved" in recent years, she continued, in front of about 120 people gathered in the auction room of the courthouse in Paris. "We know how much your working conditions have deteriorated," said she further said.

She then spoke on "what values" and what "method" it was intended to underpin its action, "authority", "proportionate response" but also "prevention and education" for values, "listening, dialogue, solicitation professionals. " for the method.

Mrs Taubira stressed the "reflection" to lead in various sectors, including education centers closed (CEF) for juveniles and repeat offenders whose Hollande had said during the campaign will double the number, structures passing them 80 during his five years. "The president has made commitments, but also a strong commitment, which is the consultation, evaluation, dialogue," the minister said in response to a question from the audience.

The announcement of the candidate Holland about CEF was recently welcomed by professionals juvenile justice, which rather require an increase in resources allocated to the SPEs into the environment of troubled teens.


Juvenile court judges were however delighted unreservedly its project to remove the criminal courts juvenile symbol in their distrust of Nicolas Sarkozy to them. They had welcomed the confirmation by Mrs Taubira during a previous visit to the courthouse in Paris, May 20, of its intention to carry out this commitment.

The statements by the Minister, three days after taking office, however had immediately caused a burst of harsh criticism from the right, who had shouted "return of the angelic" and "lax".

Established by an Act of August 2011 and operating since January, correctional juvenile courts are composed of three professional judges and judge offenders 16 to 18 years incurring a penalty of not less than three years in prison. Previously, these young people appearing as other minor before a juvenile court composed of a judge and two children citizens assessors with experience in issues related to children.

"The attacks against you have been unacceptable, poor," said Saturday the Minister Catherine Sultan, President of AFMJF. "We are amazed and reassured by your speech, it gives us our enthusiasm, "he said afterwards a judge of children present in the audience, who had standing to applaud his speech.

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