Taser: the Human Rights Defender recommends sanctions against police

The Defender of Rights has asked the Ministry of Interior to initiate "disciplinary action" against police officers who used their tasers Taser to control a man who was undocumented, who died during his arrest .

The National Commission on Security Ethics (NSDC), since replaced by the Defender of Rights, was seized by several members following the death of Mahamadou Marega, November 30, 2010 in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). In a decision dated May 4, accessed Thursday, May 10, by AFP, the defender of rights is "the unprofessional conduct of security." It recommends "disciplinary action" against two police officers for having "abused" their taser "contact mode" against this man.

It also recommends that "disciplinary action" against four other officers, "for exercising disproportionate acts of coercion" against him in the elevator of her apartment building, and "not being careful" in his state of health. The case sparked a protest in Paris nearly three hundred people in a collective call asking for "truth and justice" for the death. She also initiated the opening of a judicial investigation against X for "manslaughter".


The police intervened during a dispute between a man residing in a building of Colombes and subtenant. According to the statements of the police called to the scene, the sub-tenant, Mr. Marega, became "hysterical" and waving a hammer, which had wounded two of them, tells the Defender of Rights. They used tear gas to subdue and their Taser.

The Taser X26 is used by some 5,000 police officers, police and municipal police.

The Defender of Rights has decided "to reflect on the use of tasers, to the problems raised by the use of this weapon by the security forces", as he announced in a letter the senator Paris Nicole Borvo Cohen-Seat (PCF), one of the MPs behind the referral. It now recommends and the already "ban" of "Taser X 26" orange, "alternative weapons" which, unlike the yellow guns, are not equipped with a video and audio recording device. It will also reflect on the use of launchers ball defense Flashball kind.

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