Spectacular fire Roubaix: one dead and ten wounded

The balance sheet under fire: one dead, one seriously injured and seven slightly injured.

The fire broke out around 14: 45 pm in the first or second floor at the front of the front tower spread dramatically in this 18-storey building in Roubaix in the north. The balance sheet under fire: one dead, an elderly lady, and ten minor injuries.

Two hundred and fifty people were evacuated from the building, which has a hundred apartments, according to the same source. Photos and videos posted on social networks showed large flames to the top of the building. The event was covered by the hourly Voix du Nord which also publishes video and photos.

The building, called round Mermoz also known as Aviators turn, has significant black marks on one side, where the balconies have melted.

One hundred firefighters were mobilized against this claim. They were doing in the late afternoon of recognition in the apartments to see if there were other victims.

The cause of the fire was not determined, according to a police source. One witness spoke of an explosion without specifying its intensity, the source said. It could be the explosion of a window under the effect of heat. A school located not far from the tower was also evacuated, according to the same source.

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