Skirmish between de Maistre and the former accountant of Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Bettencourt and her financial advisor Patrice de Maistre, indicted Thursday, December 15.

Confrontation, Friday, June 8, in the office of a judge in Bordeaux between Patrice de Maistre, former asset manager of Liliane Bettencourt, and former accountant of the family, Claire Thibout, has led to a pass to weapons on 000 150 would have asked him in early 2007 to Eric Woerth. The investigation could threaten former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

M. de Maistre, detained since March 23 at Gradignan, Gironde, was confronted about the flow of cash in Bettencourt, Ms. Thibout, the former butler Pascal Bonnefoy, author of plays that contributed to the outbreak of the whole affair, and Dominique Gaspard, a former maid of Mrs. Bettencourt.

In April, Pascal Bonnefoy and Claire Thibout - already facing de Maistre in 2010 in the premises of the police - had been asked about the flow of cash in Bettencourt and possible visits political men from seeking possible illegal funding of political activities. The judges want to know what happened to four million euros in cash by Mr. de Maistre oversaw the return to France in seven installments between 2007 and 2009 from a Swiss account of the heiress of L'Oreal.

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Ms. Thibout seems to have been the most mistreated. She kept his remarks Friday, constant since 2010, according to which in January 2007, Mr. de Maistre asked him 150,000 euros for "reset" the former minister Eric Woerth, treasurer of Sarkozy's campaign, that she had only given 50,000 euros to Mrs Bettencourt has it that Mr. de Maistre and that he had told her a few days later that "it is good practice to have accounts in Switzerland" as he had found the rest of the sum. But it turned out that Mr. de Maistre oversaw seven repatriation of money from Swiss accounts Bettencourt for four million euros from 2007 to 2009.

Lawyers for Mr. de Maistre, all smiles, considered as the day of auditions was "very smoothly" for their client, and had "dramatically changed the picture," according to Ms. Jacqueline Laffont. "We were forced to demonstrate a number of inconsistencies, to against-truths," added his colleague Pierre Haik. "Examination of the notebook case [Ms. Thibout] demonstrated with absolute certainty that it did not give [the] 50,000 euros to Mrs Bettencourt", told me Laffont.


If Mr. Haik found that the confrontations were conducted "in a totally peaceful and respectful of each party atmosphere", it was clearly not the opinion of Ms. Thibout, to which the defense seems to have criticized, in addition lied about 50 000 of falsifying an agenda to prove his point.

Ms. Thibout, continued in the street by reporters after the hearing, she had dropped "very poorly" made these accusations. But "given where it comes it does not bother me," she added, before launching so confused that M. de Maistre "took the money, and that's all it is for him. "

Counsel for Ms. Thibout, Mr. Antoine Gillot, said that the "contradiction" raised by the defense, which seems to play on are present on account of Bettencourt in January 2007 to challenge the withdrawal "has no meaning" . According to him, the former accountant was able to momentarily part of the sum on the "reserve" cash André Bettencourt.

"Outsourcers cash withdrawals in Switzerland were the spouses Bettencourt," said for his part Mr. Laffont, noting that Mr. Bettencourt, who died in November 2007, has "always been declared as totally responsible, lucid" before his death. The lawyer noted that "for decades, the Bettencourt family had many Swiss accounts" and that Mr. de Maistre 'arrived very late in this device. "


Given concomitances between remittances of money from Swiss accounts, the meeting between Mr de Maistre and former campaign treasurer of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, Eric Woerth, and Mrs. Thibout statements on an application for 150,000 euros made by Mr. de Maistre early 2007 that this money was for Mr Woerth, the judges would like to know if the money was used to illegally finance the campaign of Mr. Sarkozy in 2007.

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A few days before the end of the immunity of Mr Sarkozy, mid-June, the financial police have also begun to hear some suppliers of this campaign, without discovery at this stage. On 14 June, Mr de Maistre - three lawyers were present at the courthouse Friday and ensuring ignore what Bettencourt made of Swiss money - will also be confronted by video conference to a Swiss lawyer Bettencourt Me René Merkt.

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