Six ultra-left activists on trial in Paris

The six defendants spoke of their "anti-capitalist" but denied the involvement of "anarcho-autonomous" label.

The trial of six ultra-left militants fired for "terrorism" is being held from May 14 to the tenth criminal division of the court of Paris. This is the first trial for what police and intelligence began to call, from 2007, the "anarcho-autonomous movement." A movement in which the group Tarnac - arrested in 2008 for sabotage on railway lines - has later been attached.

The six activists who appear free after all did several months of detention, are themselves suspected of being manufactured or held for explosives. It is particularly criticized three of them have been associated with the manufacture of a bomb found with traces of their DNA, May 2, 2007, under tow to a police station in Paris.

Aged 29-31 years, the six defendants are presented as no occupation or training beneficiaries and active solidarity income (RSA). Several said they did graduate work in anthropology, biology or political science. Two of them said that they had been admitted to the preparatory class scientists.

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