Simone Rozes, 92 years, one of the first women judges

It was equally good eye, and a brushing of the first order. "I'm 92, I am retired for twenty-four years, apologizes the old lady, I'm not familiar with the latest developments." But she knows very well the first Simone Rozès was the first (and only) the first president of the Court of Cassation, the highest position in the judiciary, that no one even thinks to give the female.

The young woman, born in 1920, had two doctorates in law, graduated from Sciences Po and was a bit of waiting marries her husband in front of the booth: the women were unable to vote for the first time in April 1945.


Simone Rozes lawyer is first few years - the bar is open to women since 1900, the job of a judge since 1946 - then spends the assistance of the judiciary among the first. "In July 1949, my tomb decree of appointment as Deputy Judge Nevers, the lady smiled. As it were.

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