Silent war and low blows at the top of the judiciary

Jean-Claude Marin, Attorney General of the Court of Cassation was rain or shine in the appointment of judges.

It is a daunting game of chess, and if the shots are not easy to decipher, they remain under felted out of great violence. The silent war that is engaged in one of the most powerful men of the old judicial system, Jean-Claude Marin, Attorney General of the Court of Cassation, which was rain or shine in the appointment of judges, and Christian Vigouroux, become unavoidable Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, has hit hard the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM). The affront to the constitutional body responsible for managing the magistrates, is heavy to digest, and speaks on issues of power in the court.

The services of the former Minister of Justice Michel Mercier had spent a lot of time to "resettle" Friends judges on the eve of the presidential election. Montrieux including Vincent, 36, criminal advisor Michel Mercier, April 2 as proposed attorney direction to some confusion.

However, the CSM must make an advisory opinion on the appointment by the Minister of Justice prosecutors that governments are committed to follow. The Council has therefore stayed the proceedings as long as the new minister moved, and he has kindly pointed out that it would make an unfavorable opinion on the case of Mr. Montrieux always a bit infamous for the person concerned.

The Council was formally comment Tuesday, May 29 But Christian Vigouroux, the Chief of Staff of the Minister, has removed the matter.

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