Serge Klarsfeld published a new edition of "Memorial of the Deportation of the Jews of France"

Serge Klarsfeld, April 26, 2012 in Paris.

Serge Klarsfeld published a new memorial for the deportation of Jews from France. This "colossal" work fifteen years brings families, often deported separately and takes stock "the most accurate" in this immense human tragedy. 75,500 Jews were deported to the 320,000 who lived in France at the beginning of the Occupation. About 2500 survived.

This book complements the Memorial first published in 1978 by lawyer and historian, under the aegis of the Association of Girls and son of Jews deported from France (FFDJF), which "played a pioneering role in informing families about the whereabouts their families "and" allow them to do their grief work, "said Mr Klarsfeld. But the book contained "numerous errors and shortcomings, which is understandable since it was published, convoy convoy alphabetical lists of the deportees", often of foreign origin, hard to spell names. Often, dates of birth missing. "Many families were deported separately, as these 3000 mothers camps free zone deported in August 1942 and whose children arrived at Auschwitz three weeks later. They are left to die of despair, only five of them survived, but there is not a single evidence of this is terrible, "laments Mr Klarsfeld.

To prepare "as precisely as possible the human toll of this immense human tragedy" that was "the final solution", "to fight against forgetting", it was "necessary to go further" than the memorial in 1978, says there.

With the opening of different files (Drancy, Paris police headquarters, camps free zone Pithiviers or Beaune-la-Rolande, departmental archives), its documentation is enriched over the years and allows him to publish, in 1994, the memorial of Jewish children deported from France, including 11,400 names, dates and places of birth and address, and photograph, when possible, the child .

The memorial had a "tremendous impact," said Mr. Klarfeld, especially as the former president "Jacques Chirac recognized in 1995, the role of the French state in the deportation of Jews from France": thousands of plaques are affixed in schools in France. "Children have relived, they have not been thrown into the dustbin of history, but are again subjects of history," says Mr Klarsfeld himself saved from deportation when he was a child, through the sacrifice of his father Arno Klarfeld, who is left to stop after hiding his family in a closet of his apartment. "We had to do the same for adults, bringing together families, thanks to the address of the place of arrest," he said.

For fifteen years, Mr. Klarsfeld paced tirelessly departmental archives, together, intersected information, photocopé thousands of documents from particular camps in the south, Gurs, Rivesaltes, Thousand. The task is daunting, there are many homonyms, "more than 1200 Levy for example. What happens next? ", Asked the lawyer. "The permanent collection of the immense mass of documents" will allow him to fill in the gaps of marital status or address. "It's a bottomless pit nearly full", "a tool of great wealth for historians," says Mr Klarsfeld, trusting that the work called him "a deep commitment to justice for the memory and history. "

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