Secularism: The PS candidate wants "no exceptions"

A fully veiled woman on a street in Saint-Denis, April 2, 2010.

At the end of a presidential campaign marked by the emergence of topics related to religions to Islam in particular, the Socialist candidate has undoubtedly given over to the secular camp hired as representatives of worship. Over the weeks, he applied to take away with religions, avoiding react strongly to controversy, whether on the halal or around an imaginary "call 700 mosques" in Socialist vote.

In the debate with Nicolas Sarkozy, Wednesday, May 2, Mr. Holland has confirmed this approach. He assured that "in [his] presidency," there would be "no derogation in respect of secularism." Recognizing that he had not passed the law banning the full veil in public space, with the exception of a few members, including Manuel Valls, communications director of Mr. Holland, the PS has not participated in vote on the text carried by the UMP Jean-Francois Cope, however, assured that he would keep the law and would be "strictly enforced." He also reiterated that he would not tolerate "any time for women in swimming pools or halal meat in canteens."


Firmness displayed by Mr. Holland against the potential increase in religious claims is accompanied by "opening" towards Muslims. Sweeping risks associated communalism by Mr. Sarkozy to the right of foreigners to vote, he insisted: "There has cult French Muslim community do not claim, why would the aliens?"

Marker for a return of the Socialists on the ground of secularism, the proposal made by Mr. Holland in the Constitution the first two articles of the law of separation of church and state in 1905 was not recalled. But this symbolic announcement continues to delight the secular camp, despite the maintenance of special-diets in Alsace, Moselle, Guyana and Mayotte, and legal difficulties announced for its implementation.

Supporter of secularism "frees and protects" Mr. Holland had, in December, said his design in Life: "Religions should stay in their place. Respect for freedom of conscience helps to live together. However, when religious expressions attempt to invert the public space, there is a risk of differentialism, "explained the former altar boy became an atheist.

In the Sunday newspaper on 29 April, he confirmed his course: "I've never used any religion whatsoever in the campaign." In this context, it is only after the lobbying of some of his entourage that Mr. Holland received religious early March. It was to clear the concerns of leaders of cults, variously concerned with its proposals on the 1905 law, gay marriage or end of life. In case of victory, the choice of interior minister, in charge of worship, be a signal. The hypothesis of an appointment of Mr. Valls, tied to a strict secularism, already worried Muslim side.

Lireaussi on the blog "Trustworthy" "Holland confirms the secular camp, which reinforces Holland"

and analysis "In five years, the debate has shifted from a positive to a restrictive secularism secularism" (zone subscribers)

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