Said Oujibou the pastor who wants to make visible the Muslim converts to Christianity

It's a little battle of a lifetime. Said Oujibou, 44, is struggling for years to give visibility and assurance to Muslim converts to Christianity. The European Conference of Christians growing North African and the Middle East that organizes Paris from 26 to 28 May, the second of its kind, assumed part of this activism.

The evangelical pastor, Franco-Moroccan Muslim past by radical Islam and converted to Protestantism there twenty years, hears out "their isolation néochrétiens came from Islam." "They are becoming more numerous, he says, without giving figures, but are often rejected or threatened by their environment or their families during their conversion." In France, only the Catholic Church keeps an accurate count of the number of baptisms of Muslims, estimated at about 150 per year. Evangelical Protestantism, which many churches alongside Islam on the field, offers a conversion process shorter and less burdensome, are regularly mentioned "hundreds of converts" per year.


"These days of meetings also aim to strengthen the Christians in their faith, while providing a Semitic and oriental environment, because the objective of the converted is not to deny their culture," says M.Oujibou yet. Their challenge even the pastor believes, is "not stigmatize Islam."

A challenge, while all denounce the severity of Islam against apostates: "We accept that the Christian culture of French convert to Islam, Islam must accept the opposite and undertake its reform on this subject . " The pastor "still waiting" clear statements of Muslim institutions on this subject, even though "in twenty years, despite the tightening of Islam, there has been progress in some imams and theologians in this direction."

Muslim side, the phenomenon of conversions is readily minimized and causes some discomfort. But Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), which has repeatedly been in contact with M.Oujibou, stated: "I have always said that change was within the individual religious freedom, although Apostasy in Islam is still a sin. " And, he adds, "God alone is judge, and Muslims do not have to blame anything to those who make this choice."


"There is a change from this, also provides another religious leader who prefers to remain anonymous. For even in the country, we see the temples built. If convert is right, do not expect that to go imams say they agree! It is the same in all religions! " In evangelical circles, driven by a strong proselytizing Islam is sometimes seen as a rival religion and interreligious dialogue is far from a priority.

"We must build a common future with Muslims, not to stay in a Christian ghetto, yet pleads M.Oujibou. We may terminate things but with tact, intelligence and love. " This itinerant pastor, who is also described as "consultant urban violence" and has for several years a one-man show about his career and his faith, also hosts a weekly show on site, in which he gives speech "witnesses who met Jesus," to Christian artists. In a missionary spirit, all its activities are grounds to reach the widest audience, including Muslims. "I debate even with Salafists," one of the most common legalistic and converts from Islam, he smiled.

During the weekend, a round table, proposed by the French-Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, was an opportunity for Egyptian and French Muslim leaders to address the issue of religious freedom with pastors Maghreb and French politicians involved in the defense of Eastern Christians. The fate of these populations destabilized by political aftermath of the "Arab Spring" and, in certain countries, subject to a recurring exile, is a concern for all Christian churches.

By coincidence, the Catholic Church, through its foundation, Aid to the Church in Need, which denounced the persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries, also organizes Saturday, May 26, on the steps of Notre Dame de Paris, a day of awareness "of religious freedom" around the world.

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