Rehearing Patrice de Maistre

Jacqueline Pierre Laffont and Haik, Bordeaux, 23 April 2012.

The former confidant of Liliane Bettencourt Patrice de Maistre, imprisoned for nearly fifty days "looking forward" his appearance before the judges scheduled for Thursday morning.

My Pierre Haik, Jacqueline Laffont and Christophe Cariou Martin, his lawyers said on Wednesday that their client, "held at the detention center in copenhagen [near Bordeaux] for a month and a half without being reconvened its judges eagerly awaits his appearance on Thursday, May 10. "

They note that they have "failed to get any details from the magistrates on the purpose and duration of the taking of evidence," apparently unaware that Mr. de Maistre is heard only in the morning or all day, or what is the purpose of the meeting.

They argue that "still makes sense [that call] consist essentially of a confrontation between Patrice de Maistre and various witnesses, when they were presented by the judges - to justify their decision to incarceration - as likely to be under pressure. "

M. de Maistre is suspected of having come back from a Swiss account Bettencourt, four million in cash between 2007 and 2009 in seven installments, it would have to be for the illegal financing of political parties, either for his personal use.

His lawyers have asked that he be confronted with three people, the old Liliane Bettencourt butler, Pascal Bonnefoy, the Swiss banker Bettencourt, René Merkt, and the boss of the organization Cofinor repatriated funds, Vahe Gabrache. "The need for this confrontation was also unanimously stressed both by the defense that the judge, the judge of freedoms and detention, prosecution and the investigating chamber, who reminded twice the obligation to carry out such acts "very shortly", they said.

Lawyers for Mr. de Maistre, to whom a release has been rejected twice since March 23, felt that the only reason their client is in prison was the willingness of judges to "pressure" on him to he confesses to having participated in an illegal campaign financing of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Four days after the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy, the judges may have a freer hand to investigate illicit financing. Judges have recently reheard former staff members Bettencourt on visiting politicians at the home of L'Oreal heiress. According to RTL, the Swiss lawyer René Merkt, involved in the movement of suspect funds, was questioned last week in his country on commission.

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