Prosecutors overworked and disoriented

Manifestation of prosecutors.

In the first line to the judicial machine turn, prosecutors are tired. They treat themselves to a case of two while they make up only a quarter of the judiciary and the law continues to give them new powers, all in a difficult climate of suspicion: what they do, prosecutors, under the hierarchy of Attorneys General and Minister of Justice, pass, also often mistaken for the power transmission belts. "Our judges are on the verge of breaking, protested Robert Gelli, president of the National Conference of Prosecutors, December 8, 2011. We no longer have the means to work it is delayed, we may be missing something in the password file. "

After the case of Pornic and historical anger judiciary against Nicolas Sarkozy - in February 2011, almost all the courts were on strike - the Union of Magistrates (USM majority) asked the spring in 2011 the creation of a working group on the floor. It met in September, in the absence of the Union of Magistrates (SM, left). "The group of Pornic considered that the answer to the mobilization could be a working group, says Matthew Bonduelle, president of SM. For us it was a maneuver Keeper who wanted to divide the movement. He also succeeded. " The group's report, released Tuesday, May 8, certainly avoids the question of the status of the floor, but his conclusions.

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  • True-false adoption in Polynesia
  • The Guadeloupe flooded by heavy rainfall
  • The father of one of the soldiers killed by Merah continues Sarkozy and Squarcini
  • Picasso and Nabokov summoned to trial rapper Orelsan
  • Karachi case: new appointment of Ziad Takieddine among judges
  • Aggression in Grenoble University Hospital, a man placed in custody
  • Corsica continent sailors have returned to work
  • Evaluation of teachers: reform published. immediately readjusted
  • Investigation of an alleged rape thirteen fire in custody
  • Assault CHU Grenoble two suspects immediately tried
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