Police: "The numbers are not the main problem"

The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, gendarmerie Mormant (Seine-et-Marne), the day he took office.

Manuel Valls assured, taking office Place Beauvau, Thursday, May 17: "There will be neither naïve nor frantic race to the figures, and stigmatization of communities, a category compared to another, our country needs temperance and moderation, the French are in a difficult period. "

The road to a minister of the interior normal, in fact, that Mr. Valls attempts to illustrate the field by numerous visits that allow him to display his "confidence" in the police. But, as shown sociologist Sebastian Roché, director of research at CNRS and specialist in security issues, the implementation of reforms, even minimal, in the police and the gendarmerie, looks complicated.

The police is it equipped to replace the famous culture figure?

It is first a political announcement, Minister hears the discontent of many policemen. "The numbers game" is a formulation a little tease to describe the new public management applied to the police: a control from the center and the center with the instruments that are primarily performance indicators and targets. But what could be the alternative model? I do not see how to remove the tables of numbers.

By cons, it is essential to change the indicators reflect their nature. The clearance rate, for example, was regarded as an indicator of performance, while.

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