Picasso and Nabokov summoned to trial rapper Orelsan

In June 2012, Orelsan was acquitted by the Criminal Court of Paris when he was charged with "incitement to crime" for his song "Dirty whore."

Aurélien Cotentin - Orelsan at the scene - was seized Monday, May 7, the microphone of the 17th Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court to defend his "creative freedom". Following a complaint from the Neither whores nor submissive (NPNS) association, the 29-year-old rapper from Caen answer for "incitement to the commission of crime and sexual assault" after the broadcast on the Internet, 2006 to 2009, the clip showing "Dirty whore," written in 2004 song ever recorded or performed on stage.

It shows a young woman reading an email from her boyfriend who dedicated to public obloquy and the threat after discovering she is cheating. About the violent - as the promise of an abortion Opinel - mingle with "I love you / I hate / I suffered / Baby" and overlay the logorrhea of ​​the young man drunk alcohol and jealousy on the beach or in the bath. "It was to show how an emotion can turn a human being into a monster, explained the sacred two-time Grammy in March and came with his wife artist. This is not something I endorse. This is fiction, of hyperbole. This guy looks pretty ridiculous. "

"Beyond the insults, there are threats of violence, acts of torture," the president has moved, Marie Mongin. "I do not think people are stupid enough to play a song that says, or those are dangerous to the base," cut Orelsan.


"For us, this song is the advocacy of hatred that women are victims every day," was outraged Asma Guenifi, president NPNS. "Horrible crimes are committed, but it is not a reason to prohibit any work, otherwise we will do more than music and movies-righteous, retorted the singer. Guernica is a horrible picture, yet Picasso found it interesting to paint. "

For me Samia Megouche, board NPNS, art does not justify everything. "One woman dies every three days at the hands of her boyfriend, that it is not fiction," said she pleaded. The Attorney Dawn Chauvelot has not followed. "It is wrong enemy, said the judge, calling Charles Baudelaire and Vladimir Nabokov, considered scandalous in their time. Women are not victims of place. You are not the judges of good taste, ethics and aesthetics of these worms, but those of the freedom of artistic expression, "she reminded the court requesting the release.

Mr. Simon Tahar, rapper lawyer, denounced "a bad case against creation." Two miners who had downloaded the clip to put it on a blog and a website were released by the juvenile court. The court included the offending song as "an outlet for the pain." Judgment June 12

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