Partial return to retirement at age 60: the Government unveils device

Demonstrators protest against the passage of the pension reform in the National Assembly on 15 September 2010.

The government will unveil on Wednesday, 6 June, the Council of Ministers the device on the back part of the retirement age of 60 for those who started working early. This, one of the promises of Francois Hollande and the first breach in the reform of 2010, will result in a decree authorizing the people who started work at 18 or 19 years and who have contributed for at least forty-one years assert their right to retire at age 60, without waiting for the legal age, gradually increased to 62 years by the Sarkozy reform.

The contours of the decree, including the profile of the beneficiaries will be presented to the Cabinet by the Minister of Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine. She received last week the union and employers' organizations to gather their views. The social partners will be consulted on the final text of the decree, which will be published in the Official Gazette probably late June or early July again.


The government leaked that one of the priorities will be to encourage mothers who started working early, but could not meet the required number of years due to career interrupted by motherhood. A boost could also be given to seniors in long-term unemployment, close to retirement but have not yet reached the statutory retirement age.

The executive should also specify the number of beneficiaries of this measure. Of 150,000 during the presidential campaign, this number was reduced to 100,000 by the Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault. The cost of the measure announced during the campaign will be gradual, reaching 5 billion per year at the end of the quinquennium.

The UMP says it will cost twice as much and complains that such expenditures are made without consulting Parliament. The president of MEDEF, Laurence Parisot, late Tuesday that "there has not been in the preparatory work for the local advertisements, the quantification of different scenarios and assess the real impact of the reform on the economy and the people involved. "

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