Paris pinned to his delay in the fight against corruption

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France is lagging behind many of its European neighbors in the fight against corruption, according to a report released Wednesday, June 6, which should encourage Hollande to honor its commitments to tackle this phenomenon.

France is the only country in particular, with Slovenia, where the declarations of assets and interests of parliamentarians are not made public, concludes the report, produced by the anti-corruption organization Transparency. The study, which compares the effectiveness of anti-corruption mechanisms in 25 European countries, awarded the best score to the Scandinavian countries, followed by Germany, Finland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

France does not belong to the two most powerful groups of states and at the same level as the Netherlands and Belgium. Small consolation, however, it gets better grades than the two dunces of the class: Bulgaria and Romania. The weak link in the fight against corruption in France are the Parliament, the executive and the justice wrote Transparency. Good students are financial institutions, including the Court of Auditors and the supervisory bodies elections.

The French branch of Transparency denounced in a report published in December 2011, that the fight against corruption is not a political priority in France. Transparency International France also lamented the relative lack of interest in the corruption of the French opinion, arguing that it should be more aware of these issues.


The organization was subsequently published in March a report on the results in the fight against the corruption of the quinquennium of Nicolas Sarkozy who reported two black points: the independence of the judiciary and the prevention of conflicts of interest. "For our country finally rose to the level of those who give the most safeguards against corruption, we expect the government and the French Parliament that they fully implement the commitments made by President Francois Hollande" Transparency International France wrote in a statement released Wednesday.

The organization notes that the first step was taken under the new presidency with the passage from the first Council of Ministers, a code of ethics for members of the government. The lack of transparency and integrity in politics, as well as the confidence of citizens in their institutions, however, are not specific to France, reports the NGO, including pointing the finger links too ties between the private sector and the political class in all countries studied.

According to a survey by the European Commission published in February, 74% of Europeans believe that corruption is a growing problem in their country. This feeling is confirmed by the report released Wednesday, that 75% of European Parliaments mechanisms inadequate or poorly enforced integrity, note Transparency.

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